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It all started on the beaches of Chicago.

Back in 2006 the restaurants that would define Vandalay Brands were merely a twinkle in the eye of its founding members. Still, even in the early days, when the effervescent thought of a fish fry at The Dock at Montrose Beach was bandied about, the original ingredients of authenticity, fun environments, and original menus fostered the growth of our restaurant group. Over 15 years later, and an additional eight restaurants added to our roster, these hallmark characteristics remain at the core in every restaurant under the Vandalay umbrella. Grass-fed beef, Amish chicken, and organic ingredients are used at each of our restaurant locations. Live music, beach games, and an opportunity for a variety of events creates an enjoyable and exciting ambiance. Our Vandalay restaurants remain true to its original intention of becoming and remaining your local, neighborhood place to enjoy fresh foods, fun atmosphere, and great drinks with your friends and family.

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